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Things Our Founder is Known for!

Johnson Organization Foundation / Things Our Founder is Known for!

About Pastor Dr Johnson Eweka Eboigbe

20 Things Pastor Dr Johnson Eweka Eboigbe is known for

1. His mission and vision is a holy one/ to service humanity(selfless service)

2. Known to be helping the poor/humanity

3. Child mentoring and youth empowerment

4. Creating avenue to take children out of the street and getting them back to school through his back to school initiative program.

5. Fighting to continue the establishments of shelters for the homeless

6. Prison outreach

7. Free legal immigration aid/services

8. Health care support for the poor and fighting for funding to help the mentally ill

9. Anti- bullying aids and campaign

10. Financially assisted people all over the world during corona virus/ Covid 19 pandemic, from March 3rd to August ending 2020

11. Creating support for orphans

12. Creating support for destitute

13. Creating support for widows

14. Help to nurture individuals who are hungry both in the body and spirit

15. Promoting ( share the wealth) campaign

16. Fighting to raise money to support expanding programs and operations

17. Educating people on the idea of knowing that you have to spend money for something to happen

18. Help people get jobs, job creation

19. Pay peoples rents all over the world

20. Fighting to reduces poverty level, feeding the hungry and finally assisting individuals to become self sufficient

  • Pay peoples house rent that would have indeed being thrown out of their houses/apartments by their landlords.
  • Help provide cash into the hands of those that needed it most.