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About Our Work

Focused on Rebuilding Lives for Future

Johnson Organization Foundation, INC USA, a division of Johnson Eboigbe Foundation in Nigeria. We provide community outreach Programs, Kids’ mentorship, and Humanitarian services.

01Mission and vision

JOF strives to create a platform of hope and possibility for people worldwide by providing educational programs designed to enrich and empower their lives. Our goal is to make everyone smile. We also help the orphans, widows, underprivileged kids worldwide, and homeless individuals in New York City, especially our youth.

JOF also focuses on finding solutions to the two most challenging problems of our time- the climate crisis and growing inequality and aims to transform the systems and mindsets that hinder progress towards a more sustainable and equitable future for all people, particularly women PEOPLE OF COLOUR. Our community outreach programs include:

  • Food & Water
  • Homeless Shelter
  • Education and Training
  • Help People to Get Out of Poverty

02Charity projects

Johnson Organization Foundation, INC USA has been educating and involved in charitable endeavors with the distribution of information materials, condoms, and other items aimed directly at youngsters.We have also been involved in clothes donations to the needy and have embarked on an outreach program to create public awareness of the causes of problems bedeviling our community. Our ministry has also been collaborating with other organizations and local churches to start raising awareness on other issues.

Cooking Food for the less Privileged

Homeless Shelter


24/7 Prayer Services

03Foundation and events

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion – JOF is working on many community outreach & charity programs to bring meaningful change in society. We have collaborated with the New York Police Department, community-based institutions, including schools and churches, and public-spirited citizens to tackle problems in the community.

We strive to alleviate structural challenges and barriers to health and well-being, including racism, powerlessness, discrimination, and their consequences. JOF aims to create a culture of equity that provides every individual with a fair and equal opportunity for health and well-being, no matter who they are, where they live, or how much money they have. With your support, we can create this world a better place!

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