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Johnson Eboigbe Foundation FC ⚽️lag Nigeria camp foodstuff for the month of May



Johnson Eboigbe foundation fc Our football initiative camp in Lagos fully ready 22nd March 2021

Bed Mattress for our footballer in Johnson Eboigbe Foundation FC Lagos Nigeria

Payment for our camp house for our football Initiatives. Helping young talented footballers that are good but they are unable to show their talent.


Part payment of our football training pitch initiative

20k help from JEF/JOF for a lady undergoing menstrual pain

Story on why I, Pst. Dr Johnson Eweka Eboigbe developed interest in this our mentally ill sister, popularly known around 2nd/3rd East Circular Road at OsewendeJuction in Edo State, Benin City, Nigeria is that after acquiring an office at No 40, Osemwende Street, Two House from my father’s house, where I was raise. I decided to write Sign Boards to direct my customers to my business door point. I spoke to my contact in Benin and he advice we do three signboards. One at 2nd and Osemwende Junction, the other on at 3rd/ OsemwendeStreet Junction and the 3rd signboard in front of my office which was done. 
Two weeks later, I had a dream about the signboards while sleeping at night. When I woke up, I quickly called one of my closed representatives in Benin and asked her to go and check up on the signboards and please record each and every one for me to see on the video. 

She went right away. She video record everything and everywhere around the signboards for me. Everything seems to be fine except that there where heavy grasses around the one at 2nd east circular Junction and Osemwende Street. After my dream, I was thinking that someone must have tempered with my signboards. I then asked her to please get/hire two laborers to go and clean the heavy grasses around the signboard at 2ndJunction/Osemwende Street.
The next day she hired two Hausa’s guy and after they finished clearing the bushes around the signboard and the nearby surroundings they recorded it and send me the video, upon my 
watching the video, I noticed that there was a little house/tent build about 50 feets away from my signboard. I asked Ezeosa what that was, she said that there is a woman living inside that tent for the past two years now, and her name is (Mama Ebo)Ebo in English means “A white Person” and that she was deported back to her country/Edo State 
Nigeria after getting ill in Italy.Iye ebo was a madam in Italy and that she has three upstairs/FLATS in Benin city. As a man of God I know that God most have required of me to get involve
In which I did. I allocated Twenty Thousand Naira (N20,000) for the man that said he has being taking care of her for the past 2 (two) years, to please go to the PSYC medical store road and Usele. Popularly known as Usele PSYC Hospital in Benin the next day Mr. O5 and another lady Miss Oloha went to the clinic, the head of the hospital that day said we can bring her there is no problem and that I should deposit One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000) to start  her treatment and observed her for two to three weeks to see how (Mama Ebo)/Iye Ebo as she is popularly called, will react to treatment before I make another payment. I said deal, not a problem.
The following day, I waited for Mr. O5 to call me, they did not call me. Then came night I called Mr O5 and Mr. O5 said that Iya Ebo didn’t want to follow them out of her tent to the hospital and even that another person from the hospital said that we have to have Iya Ebo’s relatives consent before we can bring her to the hospital for admission and treatment. 

The next night as I was sleeping I has a dream again that someone wearing red was fighting with me about Iye Eboasking me what is my business trying to help Iye Ebo. 

The following day, I called some friends at top Nigeria Police Dept. in Edo State they gave me the cell phone number of the Chief Head/Director of the PSYC Hospital. He was very aggressive with me on the phone saying that he is in a meeting and that he has nothing to say to me until I can get Iye Ebo’s Family to come and tell him her story before he can admit Iye Ebo to his Hopital for treatment. He was even saying that I am in America calling him to help me admit a mad woman into his Hospital in Benin. I then tell him that “Sir in America, they are not called mad people but mentally ill”. He said he has been to America several times and that I shouldn’t correct him. As the argument was about to get further heated up, I told him that he has won so I have to figure out another way to help Iye Ebo. 

I called O5 (Mr) to hold the Twenty Thousand Naira (N20,000) to be buying foods for Iye Ebo until God can open another way for her and me. 

As of today 3rd January 2021 I called Mr O5 and he said the Twenty Thousand Naira (N20,000) is finished remaining Three Thousand Naira (N3,000). I am going to be sending Twenty Thousand Naira (N20,000) to Mr. O5 every month to be feeding and caring for Iye Ebo, until further notice that is what I and Mr. O5 agreed on today. 

Please if you know Iye Ebo and there is a way you can help locate her family please call me @ +1 347 938 9945. We agreed to be feeding her 3times a day instead of the former one time a day or sometimes nothing.  
In conclusion, I Pst-Dr Johnson eweka Eboigbe has over 6(six)years in working and
 taking care of mentally ill 
people all over NEW YORK CITYBecause my company has a 
subcontract from the USA government.
During our community outreach we found lot of homeless people in New York City
One of our beneficiary thanking our founder/ceo for sharing from his wealth to her
Award ceremony Of Niger- Delta humanitarian service Award given by OBA OF BENIN KINGDOM to our Founder/Owner Pst Dr Johnson Eboigbe. We are grateful for this Award your royal highness.
Miss Sarah Oyesanya showing her appreciation to her boss, father Dr/pst Johnson the owner/founder of Johnson organization foundation inc USA a division of Johnson eboigbe foundation Nig. For given her Lot of foodstuffs to celebrate Christmas And New year.
PST/Dr Johnson Eweka Eboigbe the Owner/Founder of Johnson Eboigbe Foundation Sierra Leone chapter sponsor  the funeral of our late member sister fTara
Johnson Eboigbe Foundation
Edo State chapter
Sharing food to the needy at mission road
Edo State Nigeria.

The Wealth said by Donald J. Trump united State President. Johnson Eboigbe Foundation Edo State chapter sharing food to the

needy at mission road Edo State Lagos.
Jonson Eboigbe Foundation to the World
A Moderator from AIT (African Independent Television) From Benin with our Representative/Brand Ambassador of Edo State Chapter Eseosa Ejiroeghene Oddiri discussing about Johnson Eboigbe Foundation.
5/18/2020: A group photograph of Miss Sarah Oyesanya (District Manager JOHNSON Eboigbe Foundation/Johnson Eboigbe Foundation Football Club Lagos). Mrs Aduni (owner of Aduni Fashion Designer Lagos). And miss Emmanuel Chinyere Janet (beneficiary /Apprentice) Today an agreement was entire for miss Janet to start fashion design training @ Adunni fashion design institute #32 ogunmokun,mushin Lagos state. We paid for her agreement and sponsorship of her training. Any one that lives around that area and is interested in attending the school of fashion design should contact PST/Dr Johnson on the phone or email address on this website.
The homeless man asked me for a dollar to get something to eat. But I was on my phone. And I wasn't paying him any mind. He then said to me, I am trying to be nice to you. If I should bring out my gun and demanded that you give me all your money, you will pay attention to me with his right hand in his jacket. I quickly told him that I was sorry. We then started talking. After telling me some of his life story I was touched and decided to bless him with more money to get food stuff and buy other things. I gave him my flyer and I am expecting him to call me soon.
Pst, Dr. Johnson donating money to him for food stuff during the COVID-19/Coronavirus lockdown in New York City.
Pst. Dr. Johnson and a homeless man in a Subway/train in Bronx NY.
Pst/Dr JOHNSON EBOIGBE blessing a homeless man on the street on Bronx, in East Tremont Avenue and white plains Roads. Giving him money for food stuff during covid 19 lockdown PANDEMIC in New York City USA.

Pst/Dr JOHNSON EBOIGBE blessing a homeless woman at corner of 7th Avenue and 72nd street, Manhattan New York City USA. Money for food stuff during covid 19 lockdown PANDEMIC. Please support us directly or help who so ever you choose. But please help somebody/any body

Pst/Dr JOHNSON EBOIGBE finds a homeless woman on 6th Ave and 23rd St in Manhattan, New York, begging for money. Pst/Dr. JOHNSON EBOIGBE was kind enough to give her money and also provided her a flyer.

Pst/Dr JOHNSON EBOIGBE finds a homeless woman on 6th Ave and 23rd St in Manhattan, New York, begging for money. Pst/Dr. JOHNSON EBOIGBE was kind enough to give her money and also provided her a flyer.

Dr JAMA NAJIB’s sick cousin in the hospital in PA, USA. We want the whole world to continue praying for him, for a steady recovery.

Pst Dr JOHNSON bought a Generator for a single parent and her three children in GRA. EDO state Nigeria.
The single parent has been taking care of her three children since she separated from her husband 19 years ago. She is training one of her daughters at University of Benin, school of Law. Her daughter will soon graduate to become a lawyer. She is taking care of one of her sons who has sickle cell disease. Pastor Johnson came to their rescue April, 2020. The Johnson Organization Foundation has been helping them pay their rent and moved them from the village to GRA. EDO state Nigeria. The Johnson Organization Foundation has been assisting them with food and helping pay medical bills for the sons medication.

These are the equipment’s paid for and donated to a widow and an orphan child in Lagos State Nigeria west Africa. The child has graduated from a fashion design school but couldn’t afford to buy a sewing machine. And her mom runs a restaurant business and also needed financial assistance.
JOF sent them $1000:00 to help boost their business.

1. Sewing machine, a deep freezer and two electric fans was purchased with the money


1. Babatunde Temitope. #40,000 Naira, for house rent. And another $50.00 for food stuff. From Ado-Ekiti, Ibadan-lagos Nigeria.
2. Daramola Olamide. #20,000 Naira for house rent. And another $50.00 for food stuff.
3. Leo Rose. #6,000 Naira for school fees. Public school. From Akure, Nigeria.
4. Chem Rosauiro. ( Phillipines) $100.00. For food stuff.
5. Austin Aikhoje Omokhoa. (Ekpoma ) $770.00 for event preparation.
6. Widow and orphan family in Lagos State Nigeria. $850.00 for house rent and food stuff.
7. Vivian Izekor. From Edo State Nigeria. $200.00 for medical bills payment.
8. Courage Ehis. Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma Edo State Nigeria. $200.00 For food stuff.
9. Donation of 5000 naira made to Esther Tayo. For medication in Kwara State, Nigeria.
10. 50 000 naira paid for school fees for an orphan child in Legos, Nigeria

Johnson Organization Foundation donated the sum of $100 to a widow and orphan children in New York City for food.

1. Donation made to Adedoyin Tomisin $30 for medical checkup. In Nigeria.
2. Donation made to Esther Tayo Aderamola, $50 for medical emergency. In Kwara state, Nigeria.
3. Donation made to assist Sandra Moeller and her 7 years old daughter in Mount Vernon New York. USA. For gas in her car to take her sick daughter to the emergency room.

Donation of $50 made to Michael McBride a Veteran from Tempe Arizona, USA for food stuff.

Pst/Dr JOHNSON blessing a homeless man with some money for food stuff during COVID-19/Coronaviros lockdown in Bronx New York USA.

Pst/Dr JOHNSON finds a homeless woman sleeping on the subways in Queens, New York.

Pst/Dr JOHNSON finds a homeless man at 7th Ave and 72nd St in Manhattan, New York. Provided him money and a flyer to have this man call him to in order to assist in finding him an apartment.

Pst/Dr JOHNSON is seen walking with NYPD unit at Grand Central Station in New York.

Pst Dr. Johnson donated $50 to a man in the Bronx to help him so he could buy food during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Pst/Dr JOHNSON blessing a homeless man with some money for food stuff during COVID-19/Coronavirus lockdown in Bronx New York USA.
Pst Dr JOHNSON and a homeless man on 42nd street and Park Ave in Manhattan New York City.
Dr JOHNSON gave him some money to buy some food.
stuff and other items during covid 19 lockdown PANDEMIC in the United States of America. Please Give/help.

Creating a Platform of Hope and Possibility

Johnson Organization Foundation, INC USA helps our community by making sure they have the resources they need to succeed. We aim to reduce the crime rate and create a congenial atmosphere for residents to go about their daily activities in peace and stability.

We strive to create a platform of hope and possibility for people worldwide by providing educational programs designed to enrich and empower the lives and self-esteem of all people. We specialize in health and human services via spirituality and treatment prevention through advocacy and awareness creation.

Call 1 (347) 938-9945 for information.

The Programs We Strive to Aid Include:

  • Youth programs
  • Orphans
  • Widows
  • Destitute 
    • Public charities
    • Mental health programs
    • Adult programs
    • Prayer services
    • Recovery programs
    • Youth mentorship
    • Bible study
    • Fundraisers
    • Discipleship training
    • Safehouses
    • Counseling
    • Clothing

Interested in Volunteering with Us?

Spread the good news and receive God’s blessings while blessing your community by volunteering with us. Any time you can give to our ministry is appreciated. Help us make it a better place for orphans, widows, underprivileged youth, homeless and anyone who is need of assistance to better their lives.

Call 1 (347) 938-9945 or send us a message for more information on volunteering.

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