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Save Children from Dying, Lack of Clean Water

Do you know more than 70,000 children under 5 annually die in Nigeria due to lack of clean water and poor sanitary conditions? On top of that, as per UNICEF, only 26.5 percent of Nigeria’s population has access to improved drinking water and better sanitary conditions. The rest of the country’s population is just forced to drink contaminated water and develop water-borne diseases. The natural resources for water in Nigeria particularly in rural areas are limited and there are not many water purification systems available in the country. When people drink unclean water, many viral diseases break out and it gets worse because of poor sanitary and insufficient healthcare facilities.  And the lack of these basic facilities has increased the spread of Covid-19 in these communities. And still, a large majority of Nigeria’s population is unvaccinated. 

Under this campaign, we are going to build different water wells and water pumps. I have helped the Makako Community in Nigeria with multiple things. Now, our organization wants to focus on kids and save their lives. With this campaign, we will provide clean water to prevent diseases and medical assistance when kids are sick. We will create awareness programs among different communities and teach them about water management and basic hygiene practices. For this, we will conduct programs to promote handwashing in schools using soaps. 

To promote the good health of Nigerian kids, I aim to do community medical outreaches for children. And our primary focus for this campaign is under-served communities  that have no access to medical facilities. With this program, we’ll conduct: 

  • health awareness talks, 
  • nutritional assessments, 
  • free medical consultancy, 
  • Basic medical tests,
  • And essential free drugs. 

I cannot save Nigerian kids from dying without YOUR help. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to save a Nigerian kid dying from contaminated water. Even your single buck can save the lives of those kids.