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Shelter homes for homeless people in New York

A Home is a place where you feel SAFE and every person deserves a home. You find comfort in spending your precious moments with your loved ones and making memories you can always cherish.

But Life is unthinkable and unpredictable!

We humans have to go through hard situations we could never ever think of. While living in New York, I’ve seen many homeless people spending days and nights in the streets of New York. I’ve seen the misery, pain, tears in their eyes, and hopelessness. After spending time with them, I realized most of them never thought that they won’t have a roof on their heads one day and they’ll have to live under the sky in bone freezing cold weather. 

Challenges faced by the homeless

Homelessness is a modern problem that emerged almost more than three decades ago. Modern homelessness is a bigger challenge in New York.  As per Shelter Census Reports and the New York City Department of Homeless Services and Human Resources Administration and NYC Stats, in a city of more than 8.3 million people, nearly one in 106 New yorkers is homeless that makes nearly 80,000 men and women.  As per these stats, today nearly 2400 people will sleep in the streets and public places of New York City. As per Guardian, more than 39000 children are homeless in New York.

My Efforts for Homeless people in New York

Since I’ve moved to New York, I’ve seen countless homeless youths wasting their lives. I always wanted to help them but did not know how I can reduce their pain. In 2009, I founded my charity organization, and since then helping homeless New Yorkers is my mission. I want to build a shelter home for people where they can get rid of addictions and substance abuse, connect with themselves, their families, and their faith. And making them ready to be independent and work and become useful members of society. I have been helping people on the streets with hot meals, medicines, and clothes. During covid-19, my organization helped many people with money to get food and pay for the shelter. Now we want to build a shelter home for homeless New Yorkers.

Why a shelter home?

You might think why shelter homes, Johnson? There are too many already. I believe a home is a place where you feel SAFE. If you don’t feel safe there, it’s just a block of different construction materials or simply a house. I’ve seen 70 plus years old prefer to stay in the bone-chilling cold of New York but not go to shelter homes. They are afraid to go there because of inadequate facilities or incidents of violence reported there. Many homeless people are battling many physical disabilities and mental illnesses. They need extra care in these shelter homes and many shelter homes have inadequate and poorly trained staff. They need special shelters where they can be taken care of.

That’s why I want a shelter people where:

  • Homeless New Yorkers are not afraid to go
  • They are welcomed and treated with the special care they deserve.

I have been helping homeless people with food and medicine and other support since 2009. But I cannot build a special shelter for them alone. To make this happen, we need your support. Your 10 or 20 bucks can help a homeless child, woman, or 70-year old to spend their cold nights in a safe shelter. Our goal is to raise 800,000:00 USD to acquire a comfortable shelter for homeless New Yorkers. Your 1 dollar counts.

Donate to our charity to support 1000’s of homeless