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Charity: An Organization setup to provide, HELP and RAISE MONEY for those in NEED.
Charity: the Voluntary giving of HELP, Typically in the form of MONEY, to those IN NEED

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Emergency Prayer Service 24/7 | Free T-Shirt with Donation | Since February 10, 2009

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The tittle of our book:Life is Unexplainable Sub Tittle: WAYS TO DEMYSTIFY LIFE

Coming soon in your major retail and wholesale stores, such as Amazon.com,Barnes and Nobles, ITunes Goggle play and E-book.
Hard copy is $26:99 per copy E-book is $9.99 per download, online link for purchase will be announced shortly. 50% of the book sales go to our initiatives for helping the poor and the needy.

Why you should Grab a copy of this book

This book is a self-help,motivational,inspirational book that will help change the reader’s mindset, actualise their dreams, and reach their full 
potential in life. Anyone 
who reads this book is 
to become financially successful in life by learning how to make better decisions and making things work in their Favor. And the money from this book will be use to help the poorest of the poor in our society.

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